How to Send Really Large Files Via Email

How to Send Really Large Files Via Email 1

Do you need to email a very large file to a friend? Unfortunately, there is a limit on the size of files you can upload and send. Today, we will tell you how to get around those limits and send any size file you want. 🙂

Actually there are two ways to get around the limits. One is to just compress the files if you are close to the limit and the second one is to split the files into smaller chunks and then email it. 🙂

Just Compress The File

If you’re right near the limit, you might be able to get by with just compressing the original file.  You could just right-click and select Send to –> Compressed Folder, but you will save even more space by using another compression tool that’s more efficient than zip format.

We recommend installing the freeware 7-Zip program, then just select Add to yourfile.7z and your file will be compressed in 7-Zip format.  Depending on your file, you can often shave several megabits off of a 50Mb file so you can upload it easily.

Split the File into Chunks

If your file is still too big?  It’s 7-Zip that can save you again!

Open the 7-Zip window and browse to the folder where your file is saved.  Right-click the file you need to upload and select Split File.

This will open a dialog asking where to save the split files and what size to split them to.  You can select the standard floppy, CD, or DVD sizes, just enter the size you need in the box.  We entered 50Mb to break our file into 50Mb chunks.  Press Ok when you’re finished. For email, you should split the files up into 10 MB chunks and send it simply.

Now, just wait a few moments while 7-Zip splits your file into smaller files.

Email Your Files

Once the splitting process is finished, you can try to upload your files again, this time selecting the new split files. And if you picked the correct file size to split the file, your new files should upload just fine.

Restore the Original File

Now you have got a bunch of files named yourfile.ext.001, yourfile.ext.002, and more.  What do you do with these files?  You will need to convert them back into the original file.  To do this, just save the files in the same folder, and browse to that folder in 7-Zip.  Right-click on the first file with the extension .001 and select Combine Files.

7-Zip will detect the other files, and ask where you want to save them.  Press Ok to combine the files, and seconds later you will have your original file again.

That’s it!!!  Now you can upload any sized files you want, share them, and then get the original file back easily.  You could do this with many different file archival programs, but 7-Zip works great and is free, so we recommend it.  Whether you need to compress a file, split it, or combine the split parts, it will work great for everything.

You Can Download 7-Zip from here.

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