If you are getting bored with your iOS and interested in using Android OS on your iPhone, you just have to follow a few steps mentioned in our how-to guide below. Android & iOS will run side by side by dual booting both operating systems.

How to Install Android On Your iPhone

Note: This guide is for iPhone 3G.

1. Jailbreak Your iPhone

The first step is to jailbreak you iPhone. You can use many tools like PwnageTool, Redsn0w, Limer1n, Greenpoison etc. Choose a tool that works best for you and jailbreak your device.

How to Install Android On Your iPhone

2. Install Bootlace in Cydia

Once your iPhone is jailbroken, you just have to launch cydia.

From cydia’s homescreen press Manage Button—>Sources –>Edit—>Add. u will have to add repo.neonkoala.co.uk as a repository and then press Add Source. Tap on your newly added repository, install Bootlace and you’re done. 😀

How to Install Android On Your iPhone