Amazing Unseen Snapshots Taken Via Electron Microscope

We have complied some amazing pictures of what is too small to see with the naked eye. These pictures are from Brandon Brill’s book ‘ Microcosmos’, taken using an electron microscope.

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Human Sperm (Spermatozoa)

The Nylon Hooks & Loops of Velcro

Household Dust Which Includes Long Hairs Such As Cat Fur, Twisted Synthetic & Woolen Fibers, Serrated Insect Scales, a Pollen Grain, plant & Insect Remains

The Weave Of a Nylon Stocking

The End Of The Tongue (proboscis) Of a Hummingbird Hawkmot

A Wood Or Heathland Ant, Formica Fusca, Holding a Microchip

The Surface Of An Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory Silicon Microchip

The Surface Of a Strawberry