20 Lesser Known MAC Keyboard Shortcuts

20 Lesser Known MAC Keyboard Shortcuts 1

Using keyboard shortcuts helps you increase your typing speed, saves handsome amount of time and also relieve hands from that pain caused by using mouse repetitively.

We have compiled 20 lesser known MAC Keyboard Shortcuts categorized into their area of use that are incredibly helpful in increasing productivity as they make common daily tasks a lot easier.

Global Menu Shortcuts

Fn-Arrow Keys is similar to the Home/End and PageUp/PageDown buttons on Windows. Left-arrow and right-arrow for Home and End, Up-arrow and down-arrow for PageUp and PageDown respectively.

Fn-Delete is similar to forward-delete on Windows, deletes one character to the right of the cursor.

Ctrl-F2 moves focus to the Menu Bar. You can use the arrow keys to select menu items and press enter to apply them.

Ctrl-F3 moves focus to the Dock. You can use arrow keys to select applications and press enter to switch to them.

Ctrl-Cmd-D displays a popup dictionary for a selected word. Just select the word with the cursor and hit the shortcut. This shortcut is very useful for quick definitions.

Cmd-Q quits the current application.

Opt-Cmd-Escape opens the force quit menu where you can selectively force quit applications.

Holding Shift-Cmd-Opt-Esc for 3 seconds force quits the frontmost application (Can be use Leopard and Snow Leopard only).

Ctrl-Eject opens the shutdown/restart/sleep dialogue.

Ctrl-Shift-Eject puts the display to sleep immediately.

Opt-Cmd-Eject puts the computer to sleep immediately.

Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-Eject shuts down the computer immediately. 😀

Finder Shortcuts

Cmd-O opens the selected folder in the Finder.

Shift-Cmd-N creates a new folder in the current directory.

Cmd-J opens the View Options panel, where you can change settings for how a specific folder appears in the Finder, such as grid spacing, background etc.

Cmd-I opens the Get Info panel for the selected item.

Cmd-Delete sends selected file(s) to Trash. 😀

Shift-Cmd-Delete empties the Trash with confirmation.

Shift-Opt-Cmd-Delete empties the Trash without confirmation.

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