Top 10 Supercomputers In The World

The 37th edition of the Top 500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers has just been released . So, we thought of proving our readers with an in-depth knowledge of Top 10 most powerful computers in the world.

Check out the updates list of Top 10 Supercomputers In The World here.

Supercomputers brought in revolution in varied fields like nuclear science, medicine, environment & weather. The computing power of these computers is way beyond your imagination. 😉

10. Cielo – Cray XE6 8-core 2.4 GHz(Cray Inc.)


System Name: Cielo

System Family: Cray XE

System Model: Cray XE6

Computer: Cray XE6 8-core 2.4 GHz

Vendor: Cray Inc.

Application Area: Research

Installation Year: 2010

Operating System: Linux

Processor: AMD x86_64 Opteron 8 Core 2400 MHz (9.6 GFlop)

Cores: 107152

Rmax(GFlops): 816600

Rpeak(GFlops): 1028659.2

9. JUGENE – Blue Gene/P Solution(IBM)


System Name: JUGENE

System Family: IBM BlueGene

System Model: BlueGene/P

Computer: Blue Gene/P Solution

Vendor: IBM

Application Area: Research

Installation Year: 2009

Operating System: CNK/SLES 9

Processor: PowerPC 450 850 MHz (3.4 GFlops)

Cores: 294912

Rmax(GFlops): 825500

Rpeak(GFlops): 1002701

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