8. Cadillac CTS

Why It’s Overshadowed: The CTS is the car that revived GM’s Cadillac brand. With stealth aircraft-inspired styling and the Corvette’s engine in the CTS-V, this car was more than enough to handle for pedal mashers. Then the current generation CTS comes and blows it out of the water. You can take a supercharged LSA engine based on the Corvette ZR-1’s LS9 and forget that the previous generation CTS-V was cool, too.

7. 66/67 Dodge Charger

Why It’s Overshadowed: The first generation Charger is called by many “a good-looking AMC Marlin” or “a Marlin on steroids” but the Charger is just badass wrapped in a 440 Magnum, individual bucketseat, fastback package. You may remember the 440 Magnum from such masterpieces as Bullitt and that should be plenty. The second generation Charger, produced from 1968 to 1970 seems to be the car of choice for Charger enthusiasts.