Top 10 Cars Overshadowed By Their Successor Model

Top 10 Cars Overshadowed By Their Successor Model 1

A new car model arrives almost every 6 months, but are they better then their previous models? The answer is YES!!! It’s an automaker’s job to improve on previous models and sometimes they get it so right that the previous generation is completely overshadowed. 😀

Our friends at Jalopnik have compiled a list of cars that were completely overshadowed by their successor.

10. BMW E34 M5

Why It’s Overshadowed: Power for the E34 M5 came from a 3.6 liter straight-six producing 311 HP, which meant the car would reach sixty in a respectable 6.4 seconds. The car was featured inRonin, which is a testament the E34’s awesomeness. The E39 M5, however, was miles ahead of the E34 in performance and quality. Power came from a 400 HP 4.9 liter V8 and sixth came at a much faster 4.5 seconds.E39’s power and refined comfort make us forget an M5 even existed before the E39.

9. First Generation Toyota Prius

Why It’s Overshadowed: It was essentially a Toyota Echo/Platz with a hybrid drivetrain much like the one in the second generation Prius. Fitting in a completely new market, it was difficult for the Prius to gain the following that the second generation Prius received.