Top 8 Technological Sounds that Defines Our Digital World

Top 8 Technological Sounds that Defines Our Digital World  1

We all love classic tech sounds because audio plays a big part in our computing & mobile lives, but have you ever wondered about their origin & who might be behind them?

Today we have picked the Top 8 Tech sounds that defines our digital world that will send you down memory lane. Do share any of your favorite audios we have missed in the comments below.

8. MSN/Live Messenger Notification

The notification noise from Microsoft’s messaging service has to be one of the most irritating noises in tech, and sounds positively evil if you get several messages in rapid succession. DJ David Guetta’s dance-floor-aimed effort is an almost unforgivable remix of the ghastly sound.

7. iPhone Commercial Ringtone

Do you know what’s interesting about the iPhone ringtone from the original commercial? It was never on the phone. The very simple, classic-sounding ringtone was a creation of the ad agency. Users found a workaround to get a similar sounding tone on their phones via GarageBand, but the fact is that familiar tone we were all used to hearing in the ads was fake. 😀