1. Mozilla Seabird

Developed with feedback from the wider community, the Seabird is the evolution of Mozilla Labs community member Billy May’s concept of what an “Open Web” mobile phone could look like.

The two stand-out features from May’s vision are the integrated Bluetooth headset that doubles as a remote control and the dual pico projectors that can project a virtual keyboard as well as video or imagery.

Other specs include an eight megapixel camera, a 3.5mm headphone jack, mini USB connectivity and wireless charging, which although available on Palm’s latest handsets, has not yet been widely adopted in the industry.

Sadly, as part of Mozilla’s “Concept Series” there are no plans to put the Seabird into production, but the exciting elements from the design which are the pico projection and the Bluetooth dongle, are features we could see more of in the future.

BONUS: iPhone 5

The iPhone5 is not a fully-fledged concept so far, but we imagine in a video below what the next-generation of iPhone would be like if it boasted holographic functionality.

via mashable