Top 10 Jailbreak Hacks for iOS Devices

2. Use Your 3G Connection However You Want

Tethering isn’t the only way to free your data connection from the bonds of AT&T’s restrictions. If there’s anything in iOS that’s only designed to work with Wi-Fi, you can readily expect someone to create a fix for the jailbreak community. My3G circumvents these restrictions, letting you, for example, make FaceTime calls with whatever connection you’ve got, or download larger files if you choose. It seems kind of silly for AT&T to enforce usage restrictions on users with capped connections, but the reality is that they do. If you want the freedom to use the connection, My3G can help you out.

1. Sync Your Device Over Wi-Fi

It’s becoming increasingly more ridiculous that you need to sync your iOS device with a sync cable when Wi-Fi can get the job done just fine. Fortunately for jailbreakers, there’s a great Cydia app called Wi-Fi Sync that renders your cable unnecessary for anything other than charging. All you have to do is install a companion app on your computer and then pair your device. Once that’s all set, launching iTunes and the Wi-Fi Sync app on your iOS device will begin the syncing process without any cables.

via Lifehacker