Top 10 Jailbreak Hacks for iOS Devices

4. Get a Better Lock Screen

iOS’ default lock screen is just a picture and the time, but it’s really a useful place to keep various types of updates. If you want to get info quickly without having to unlock your device, there are many enhancements that’ll give you a variety of lock screen options if your phone is jailbroken.

BiteSMS is a jailbreak app that replaces the default Messages app on the iPhone. It’ll display multiple unread text messages on your lock screen as well as a status bar icon indicating the number of unread messages.

Element is a beautiful lock screen and home screen replacement. It’ll give you updates on several types of incoming data, including weather, missed calls, calendar items, mail, and more. It does this all while still accommodating the dock.

Note: Element requires Cydget which is not yet compatible with iOS 4.

3. Tether for Free

If you’ve got an iPhone or 3G-enabled iPad, you can get around AT&T’s restrictions and use the data connection you’re already paying for with other devices at no additional cost. MyWi is a Cydia app that’ll let you create a Wi-Fi hotspot out of your device’s 3G connection so you can share it with your other devices in need of internet access. The setup process is somewhat more complicated than calling AT&T and flipping a switch, but it’s definitely a lot better than paying an extra $20 a month for the exact same connection that’s costing you at least as much already.