Top 10 Jailbreak Hacks for iOS Devices

6. Access the Filesystem

Accessing your device’s filesystem is possible after jailbreaking your iOS device thanks to SSH. With some jailbreaking solutions, you’ll find SSH already installed and enabled, with ‘alpine’ as your default password. Once you have SSH up and running, you can log into your device’s filesystem through your favorite GUI (if you have a favorite FTP client that supports SFTP, that will also work) or command line software and traverse your device’s file system as you please.

5. Change Settings Faster

SBSettings adds a small dropdown panel you can bring up at any time by swiping the top of your screen; it lets you quickly edit iOS settings without switching to the Settings app and digging through the menu. Even better, it’s extensible so you can add all sorts of functionality to have even more options quickly at your fingertips. You can install it via Cydia, where you’ll also find many plug-ins.