Top 10 Jailbreak Hacks for iOS Devices

Top 10 Jailbreak Hacks for iOS Devices 1

Jailbreaking can put you in control of your iOS device and also eliminates its many limitations. Here are ten great jailbreak hacks to help you customize and better utilize your iOS device.

We’ve shared our list of the best iPhone applications, but the iTunes Application Store can only take you so far. Jailbreaking is a necessity for people looking to squeeze every last bit of functionality out of their iOS device.

If you don’t know how to do that, here’s a video tutorial to walk you through the process using PwnageTool:

For Mac:

For Windows:

After jailbreaking, there’s a whole new world of functionality to explore. Here are our top ten favorite jailbreak hacks.

10. Customize the User Interface

iOS’ user interface is one of the best, and that’s partly what made it so popular. Nonetheless, it isn’t perfect, and it’s definitely not very customizable. If you jailbreak, you can download an app called WinterBoard from Cydia (Cydia is the great jailbreak package manager for iOS) and start applying new themes and modifications. Although iOS 4.0 and up provides a bit more room for customization, and you can change your icons without jailbreaking, but you get a lot more control over the iOS interface with Winterboard.

9. Play Classic Video Games

There are tons of emulation options on all iOS devices when jailbroken. All of the cartridge-based Nintendo systems are covered, from NES to N64, and many allow you to play with a Bluetooth Wiimote as a controller. MAME, Sega Genesis, and even the original Playstation all have emulators available that you can easily grab through Cydia. PureMac offers a short list of iOS-friendly game emulators, but you’ll find more simply by searching Cydia. Emulators range from free to fairly pricey (for an app), but either way you should be able to find one that works for you.