Top 10 Incredibly Inspirational Moments Captured on Camera

Top 10 Incredibly Inspirational Moments Captured on Camera

We have selected 10 videos highlighting some of the most amazing scenes that can be witnessed. Ranging from silent footage from the early 1900s to modern digital video capture, these clips vary dramatically from political to sporting to scientific achievements. They all have one thing in common — a strong message of inspiration.

Here are the top 10 most inspiring moments from history ever captured on camera.

This incredible footage from 1930 shows a 61-year-old Gandhi on the famous Dandi March, in which he and his followers challenged British authority by protesting a salt tax with a peaceful 240-mile procession. The march was a seminal moment in the “Civil Disobedience Movement,” a very influential non-violent initiative that would eventually lead to Indian independence from British rule.

9. Roger Bannister Breaks the Four-Minute Mile

Although by today’s standards, Bannister’s physical achievement is not that impressive, what doesn’t diminish over time is how inspiring his dedication and ultimate success is. Bannister broke the four-minute mile through sheer determination. When asked how he reached his goal, he said:

“It’s the ability to take more out of yourself than you’ve got.”