Top 10 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About Facebook

8. Mark Zuckerberg Calls Himself a “Harvard Graduate”

As you can see for yourself over at, Mark Zuckerberg tells a little fib on his profile page. He lists himself as a “Harvard Graduate,” which simply isn’t true, as he dropped out to concentrate on getting Facebook up and running.

When a reporter confronted Zuckerberg with this little inconsistency, he said:

“That’s true. We don’t have a setting for dropout.”

7. There’s an App to See What’s on the Facebook Cafe Menu

Like at Google, Facebook staffers get three free meals a day (as well as free drinks and snacks) served up by the “Facebook Culinary Team” at Cafe X or Cafe 6.

If the staff want to know what’s on the menu, they don’t need to leave their seats. In fact, they don’t even need to leave their Facebook profiles — the “Lunchtime” Facebook app offers a weekly view of what’s being offered.

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