Facebook is the largest growing social network today and with its ever-changing layout, there are some pretty smart tricks you can pull using your humble Facebook status. We have pulled together 10 great how-to tips that will help you get the most out of your status update on facebook, from official features to apps, Easter eggs, jokes and more.

Perfect for newer Facebook users, or anyone who is looking for a refresher, read on and let us know the ones you like in the comments below.

10. HOW TO: Play a Trick On Your Friends in Your Status Update

Want to play an amusing trick on your Facebook buddies????

This clever link “http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363” looks like it could be a URL for anyone’s Facebook profile, actually takes anyone logged into Facebook to their own profile page.

If you try it out, be sure to remove the link preview that Facebook auto-ads. Have fun! 😀

9. HOW TO: See Your Status Update Stats

Have you ever wondered how many times you have updated your status on Facebook? The Facebook app Status Statistics, can tell you this and more.

The app analyzes your updates and gives you a list of how many you’ve written, the average word count and how many times a day you post. In addition, it generates a graph that shows you what time of day or what days of the week you normally update.

Old statuses are also searchable via the app, so you can find your previous statuses without having to scroll back through your history.