The Stories Behind Technology’s Top Names

The Stories Behind Technology's Top Names 1

Have you ever wondered where the names like Twitter, Yahoo, Android etc. came from? Companies have different strategies for naming or branding themselves but in the world of technology the reasons aren’t apparent.

Today we have compiled some true & interesting stories behind technology’s top brands that will satisfy your curiosity.

11. Aardvark

Today, Aardvark has a sleek website where users can type or e-mail their questions to be answered by the appropriate people in their own social networks. But co-founder Max Ventilla’s idea began as a chat buddy that could intermediate conversations with people you know online.

There were advantages to having this name at the top of the buddy list, a spot which was occupied on Ventilla’s buddy roster by his friend Aaron. Alphabetically speaking, there aren’t many options that trump Aaron. “Aardvark” is one of the few names that could shoulder him out.

Other factors the name had going for it were its ability to conjugate into the invented active verb “vark,” and being an animal that people recognized but typically didn’t have strong associations with.

Ventilla said in an e-mail:

“We also felt that an animal had the right positioning as helpful but not perfect, If we chose a human or a robot mascot people would spend their time trying to make it look stupid, but they’d cut an animal more slack.”

10. Nintendo

The three words “Nin” “ten” “do” is Japanese for “we do all that we can, as best as we can, and await the results.” Nintendo is sort of a motto and company name all in one. Who knew that the gaming giant was so poetic?