How To Customize Title Bar & Other System Fonts in Windows 7

How To Customize Title Bar & Other System Fonts in Windows 7 1

If you want to make your Windows 7 PC personalized by changing title bar & menu fonts, here are few steps to follow & achieve that.

So here we go…. 🙂

Right-click on your desktop, and select Personalize.

In the Personalization pane, click Window Color under the theme lists.

Under the color options, click the Advanced appearance settings link.

An Appearance dialog that looks like the one you may have been used to using with Windows 98 or 2000.  In the preview box at the top, click the element you wish to change.  Here we’re selecting the top window boarder on the message box since we want to change the font on the window title bar.

Now pick the font, size, color, and more for the area you selected.  You’ll immediately see the preview in the top box.  If you want to change fonts or more in other parts of your theme, simply select them and change as you wish.  Note that the colors for the elements themselves, such as the blue in the active title bar here, will not show up unless you switch to the Windows Classic theme.

Once you’re done, click Ok to apply the settings.