How to Automatically Shuffle Desktop Wallpaper in Windows

How to Automatically Shuffle Desktop Wallpaper in Windows 1

Replacing wallpaper takes time, especially for people who like to change it every hour. Luckily Windows 7 comes with a wallpaper customization feature that automates this task for you.

We will show you how to use Windows 7 to cure severe boring wallpaper syndrome on our desktop.

Using Windows 7 RSS Backgrounds

Windows 7 comes with a desktop personalization feature to rotate our wallpaper with images from a set of images that you can access from the ‘Personalization’ menu in our desktop.

You can choose any of the available themes or create our own personalized theme. Try selecting a theme, like the ‘Characters’ theme for example.

If you don’t like the windows color that comes with that theme we can change it using the available window colors in Windows 7.

Try each of the colors and save the new theme once you are satisfied with the color that you choose.

Windows 7 will save these customize themes as ‘Unsaved Themes’ under My Themes.

You need to save the ‘Unsave Theme’ if we want to keep it so right-click it and choose ‘Save Theme’ to save it under your customize themes.

In this example we save our customize theme as ‘Geek Tester Theme’.

Windows 7 will create a theme file under : ‘C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes’ for every custom theme that its user creates.

The theme file itself is a plain text file containing all the information about the theme.

The last section of the theme file contains three attributes, interval, shuffle, and RSS feed address. The interval determines how fast Windows rotate the wallpaper images. The lower the interval is the faster Windows rotate your images. You may risk the theme crashing your system if you make it too fast.

The RSS attribute tells Windows to grab the images from a specific RSS and use it as your wallpaper.

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