Five of the Best Presentation Creation Tools


Nearly ubiquitous on corporate computers, PowerPoint is one of the most widely used presentation creation tools in the world. Although much maligned for the numerous boring slideshows created with it and inflicted upon legions of workers, PowerPoint is packed with features. PowerPoint is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office Suite, supports a wide range of file embedding and compression options (to reduce overall file size), presentation sharing with your slides displayed at multiple networked locations, co-authoring through Windows Live, and integration with Windows Mobile phones via PowerPoint Mobile.


For Windows & Mac


Windows: $112

Mac: $150

3.Google Presentations

Google Presentations isn’t the most feature packed or whiz-bang presentation creation tool around. It is, however, completely serviceable, web-based, free, and offers the same dependable cloud-based backup and work-anywhere convenience that you’ve come to expect from Google products. You can share your work, collaborate, work on it from any web browser, and pull from the thousands of templates available in Google’s vast public templates pool.

The template used in the above screenshot is available here: Template


For Web-Based