Five of the Best Presentation Creation Tools

Five of the Best Presentation Creation Tools 1

Presentation tools allow instructors to craft presentations that more closely reflect new approaches to teaching and learning. The days are gone when presentations are limited to poster boards you can haul into the conference room, and you’ve also got more options than the de facto office suite provides. Here’s a look five of the best presentation creation tools.


Prezi appeared on the scene early last year and dazzled with web-built presentations that were actually interesting to watch. Prezi offers dynamic transitions and non-linear presenting that blow the Slide1, Slide2, Slide3… presentation-style we’re all so used to right out of the water.

A free public account grants you the ability to create Prezis, offline presentation, and 100MB of web-based storage. Upgrading to a $59 per-year account removes the Prezi watermark, makes the contents of your presentation private, and increases storage. The top-tier account gives you more storage and an offline desktop client so you can compose Prezis without their web site. The screenshot above is from a public presentation “Math Is Not Linear”.

View It here: Math Is Not Linear


For Windows, Mac, Linux & Web-Based


Basic: Free

Pro: From $59/year