Dad & Kid Launch iPhone Into Outer Space[VIDEO]

Dad & Kid Launch iPhone Into Outer Space[VIDEO]

A Brooklyn-based cinematographer Luke Geissbuhler & his son launch an iPhone 4 & an HD video camera into space by tying  it to a weather balloon & let it go with the camera running. The mission was a success, and the footage is absolutely gorgeous.

Geussbuhler launched the balloon from Newburgh, New York and It reached a height of nineteen miles, or about 100,000 feet, which is high enough to show the earth’s curvature and a black sky above the atmosphere. At that height, the low pressure means that the helium expanded and the balloons burst, whereupon the phone fell back to the ground on a parachute and landed 30 miles outside New York.

The father-son team tracked the package using the iPhone’s GPS transmitter and picked it up. They successfully extracted the video and edited it into what you see below.

Geissbuhler posted a beautiful slideshow of space images taken by the craft to his website, the Brooklyn Space Program. He’s also selling t-shirts and other merchandise to raise funds for a sophomore voyage.

[Via NYMag]