World’s Fastest Processor IBM z196 Clocks 5.2 GHz

World's Fastest Processor IBM z196 Clocks 5.2 GHz 1

Remember when a 1.4GHz processor was deemed the world’s fastest?Don’t blink!!! if you do, you may miss IBM’s new  5.2 GHz processor.

IBM is claiming that the chip within IBM’s new zEnterprise clocks in at 5.2GHz, making it the world’s fastest microprocessor. We’re sure this claim could be challenged on multiple fronts, namely by hardcore overclockers who have seen their own chips operate at much higher speeds with the help of liquid nitrogen. But IBM’s new silicon doesn’t require any complicated cooling; it’s just blisteringly fast.

It’s a four-core slab that was manufactured using the outfit’s 45 nanometer technology, boasting 1.4 billion transistors and the ability to handle more than 50 billion instructions per second.

The new chip will ship only to mainframe customers starting on September 10th, and IBM says that the record-breaking speed is necessary for businesses managing huge workloads, such as banks and retailers, especially as the world becomes increasingly more inter-connected, data has grown beyond the world’s storage capacity, and business transactions continue to skyrocket.

Fujitsu’s Venus CPU is also said to handle a staggering 128 billion calculations per second, so IBM would be facing a tough competition.