Top 5 Useful & Productive iPhone Applications

3. Chrome to iPhone

Chrome to iPhone isn’t exactly an app, but more of a bookmark you save to your home screen that works with an excellent, simple Chrome browser extension. All you have to do is install it, visit a URL on your iPhone, save that page to your home screen and you can send links directly to your phone to open in Mobile Safari. Chrome to iPhone is very fast at doing this one thing well.

Here is the link to Google Chrome Extensions Gallery

Alternative Apps: If you’re looking for more feature-rich apps to help you communicate with your computer, myPhoneDesktop is a good ($5) alternative. If you’re looking for a similar, free app then go for Pastefire.

2. Dragon Dictation

Perhaps one of the iPhone’s most notably lacking features, especially compared to Android, is voice recognition. Dragon Dictation helps to fill that void by transcribing your notes, emails, and text messages. While it’s a standalone app and not a system-wide tool, it’ll keep you productive when you’re able to talk but not type. Even better, you can get it for free. 😉