Top 5 Useful & Productive iPhone Applications

Top 5 Useful & Productive iPhone Applications 1

Whether you’re in the office, at home or even traveling, the iPhone has become a pocketable workhorse for getting things done. Here are our picks for the Top 10 iPhone apps for taking notes, saving time, staying informed, and working smarter.

5. Remember the Milk

Writing down your tasks is really only useful if you remember to do them, and that’s where Remember the Milk shines. It’s not just a to do list, but it’s a to do list that follows you everywhere you go—through all your devices, via email or SMS, on the web, etc.—and doesn’t hesitate to bug you when a task’s time comes. All your tasks sync nicely through your Remember the Milk account. While the app itself is free, the main disadvantage of Remember the Milk is that it requires a $25/year subscription if you want to make use of its pro features. Nonetheless, it’s still a fantastic task manager and completely free as a basic app.

Alternative Apps: On the iPhone, you’ll find thousands of task manager applications. While there are too many alternatives to name them all, here are a few other great options.

If you don’t mind dropping some cash, the $10 Things app is a common favorite among iPhone users. (Its companion desktop app is $50.)

If you want to have a little more fun with your tasks, Epic Win ($3) and Dunnit!($4) both turn task management into a game.

TeuxDeux ($3) is a lovely alternative if you’re looking for something attractive and simple.

Lastly, EgretList ($3) is a pretty powerful task manager with a great interface that emulates a more traditional notebook-style.

4. Simplenote

It’s hard to pass upEvernote for taking notes or capturing images or voice notes anywhere. But when it comes to efficiency for plain-text note taking there’s no question that Simplenote takes the cake. It’s really the fastest way to take notes on your iPhone, it syncs to the web and to several applications on other desktop and mobile platforms, and does it all with elegant simplicity. If you wanted to speed up you could go with FastEver, but that’s $1 lost for what Simplenote handles perfectly for free. Evernote is great for more complex notes with rich media involved, but when it just comes to text there really isn’t anything better than Simplenote.