Top 10 Weird & Funny Gadgets In the World

2. Maple Phone

Transforming a popular product into a wooden version is a bizarre development, but the cell phone has just undergone such treatment. The Maple Phone has been developed by two Koreans, Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee as they prove that phones do not need to follow the same trend of plastic products. The wooden phone exhibits a touch sensitive keypad and also a camera. For the touchpad to work correctly, we believe that some different materials are used, as this would be impossible based on wood alone. The phone is great from an environmental perspective, since wood is a natural source and completely renewable. Perhaps this will pave the way for future wooden products, for example wooden MP3 players, wooden laptops, wooden televisions etc.
The wooden phone does not look particularly appealing, and will no doubt be heavier than the traditional plastic. At the moment, it looks like a block of wood with some numbers and stickers placed on the front. Nevertheless it would be great to get our hands on one and compare it with a more conventional plastic cell phone.

1. Private Laptop Viewer

Have you ever wanted some privacy while using your computer?  Have you ever been in a public space where anyone can look over your shoulder and steal your idea for the next brilliant blog post?  But most importantly, have you ever been using your computer and had the nagging feeling that, while you enjoy using your computer, it would be so much better if you could look like a molting mutant Muppet while doing so?  Well, now here’s your chance.

These aren’t made to be sold, but are rather for some sort of artistic vision. 😀