Top 10 Weird & Funny Gadgets In the World

4. Dancing Snake

These snakes plug directly into your music device and dance to the rhythm of the song being played.

The snakes also come with a set of speakers which will omit the sounds of all your favourite tracks, in a surprisingly good quality. So they can play music and dance simultaneously, half pop artists can’t even manage that. So if you’re after some light entertainment albeit from a snake, then keep the cobras out of sight and opt for the Movin’ and Groovin’ snake, a much safer alternative.

3. Power Sandals

Here’s an energy saving shoe which looks more like a broken electronic sandal. These shoes are made to transform walking; into energy, but this latest gadget looks like a half-finished prototype more than a revolutionary new product. The shoe is designed to allow you to charge your gadgets, such as your mobile phone or i-pod, whilst you are on the move.