Top 10 Trailers of Modern Video Games

 Top 10 Trailers of Modern Video Games

It’s the first impression that counts and with games the way to make that impression is through the all important trailer. The video game industry spend millions over newly announced titles to get audiences buzzing. There’s nothing like a 30-second snippet of carefully cut gameplay footage to foster excitement about games that won’t be available for at least another year.

Here are our picks for the Top 10 trailers of modern video games. 😉

10. Grand Theft Auto 4

The controversial series from Rockstar Games has always had pretty good character development, but this one takes the cake. Players control Niko Bellic, a war veteran from an unnamed Eastern European country, who comes to America to pursue the riches and dreams promised by his cousin, but instead he gets caught up in the city’s vast criminal underground.

9. Splinter Cell: Conviction

The series of stealth games have always been popular. In the latest installment, players control the usual protagonist, Sam Fisher, this time hunting down those who killed his daughter.