Top 10 Things to Look For In a Gaming Laptop

6. Sound Card

In the old days of gaming this wasn’t that much important but the game companies are now high definition sound along with the high definition graphics. So, if you don’t get a dedicated sound card like those from Creative, you’ll be deprived of the best quality sound. However they aren’t very important. If you don’t have the money, the integrated sound card will do it for you.

5. Hard Disk

Current games can occupy as much as 15GB space on your HDD. If you are going to store lots of movies, music, and pictures in your hard drive you need more space. Standard gaming laptops come with 500GB Storage space and you can also get colossus TB drives within your budget. Make sure that that the hard drive rotation speed is 7200 rpm to ensure fast data transfer speeds. If you want extreme performance you can also opt for the SSD drives but their cost will be substantially heavy compared to the gain in performance.