Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World

4.International Commerce Center, Hong Kong

The building is located in West Kowloon, Hong Kong. The formal development name of the building is Union Square Phase 7 as it is a part of Union Square project on top of Kowloon station. After completion it is the tallest building in Hong Kong and building with 3rd tallest roof. It also features a restaurant Ritz-Carlton which happens to be the highest restaurant in the world and it occupies the top 15 floors of the building.

  • Height: 484 meters or 1587 ft
  • Floors: 118
  • Completion: 2010
  • Elevators: 30 elevators 14 shuttle lifts and 2 VIP lifts
  • Designed by: Wong & Ouyang (HK) Ltd, Belt Collins & Associates, Kohn Pedersrn Fox Associates

3. Shanghai World Financial Center, China

It is located in Pudon  Shanghai,China. The building features hotels, offices, conference roomsand observation decks. The hotel Park Hyatt Shanghai was the highest hotel at the time of completion and contains 178 room and is on the 93rd floor. It was surpassed by Ritz-Carlton. At the time of completion it was second tallest building on the world with the highest occupied floor and tallest roof in the world. Its observation deck is 474 meters high which is the highest observation deck in the world.

  • Height: 494.4 m (1,622.0 ft)
  • Roof height: 487 m (1,599 ft)
  • Floors: 101
  • Completion: 2008
  • Elevators: 91
  • Floor area: 381,600 m sq (4,107,500 sq ft)
  • Estimated cost: USD $ 1.2 billion
  • Designed by: Kohn Pedersrn Fox Associsutes