What do you think of when someone say the words “search engine”? 99% Chances are, you think of Google, arguably the most popular search engine on the Web today. Despite ever-increasing commercial success since that date, its owners (Sergey Brin and Larry Page) have stuck to their word that “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.”

It’s an unconventional company with a huge stake in our online lives. It is a source of fascination for many, including us, but what really happens in the Googleplex? And what cool factoids and stats exist from the company’s relatively short past?

Here we bring you the Top 10 fun facts about Google to quench our own thirst for Google knowledge as well as hopefully offer you a distracting diversion from your daily life.

Top 10 Fun Facts About Google You Didn’t Know

10. Google Has a Company Dinosaur

Top 10 Fun Facts About Google You Didn’t Know

By all accounts, there are many wondrous sights to be seen at the Googleplex, but one of the most arresting is surely the gigantic T-Rex skeleton — nicknamed “Stan” after a “real” dino found nearby — that looms menacingly at Googlers in Mountain View.

Joining Stan in the unique campus decorations is a scale replica of the SpaceShipOne, enormous Android-themed models, pink flamingos, a large LEGO man, Google-colored phone boxes and grown-up size ball pits. One thing seems for sure that just like the company itself — life at the Googleplex must be far from dull.

9. The Google Logo Was Not Centered Until 2001

Top 10 Fun Facts About Google You Didn’t Know

Google’s famously sparse homepage is considered a classic design in the online world. The Google logo, however, wasn’t actually centered on the page until March 31, 2001. As early users will remember, the homepage had a bias to the left-hand side, and even earlier — back in 1998 — Google sported a Yahoo-style exclamation mark.