After launching in July 2006, Twitter has been used to communicate everything from birthday wishes to political opinions. But there are some special, shining cases where the status update has been used to do some extraordinary things, from marriage proposals to breaking news, and much more.

The following are Top 10 extraordinary and creative uses of Twitter updates. These amazing updates have made the news, pushed the boundaries of what the status update can do, and have even fundamentally changed people’s lives.

10. The First Update

None of the extraordinary updates would be possible if it weren’t for the first Twitter update and for the innovations that made it possible.

The first Twitter status update ever sent on March 21st, 2006 by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

9. The John McCain Interview

Interviews tend to be long-winded affairs, and can be even longer when a politician is the one being interviewed. How do you cut the interview down to the meat and bones, without all of the frills and political jargon? By limiting questions and responses to 140 characters, of course.

On March 17th, ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos interviewed Senator John McCain on Iraq, the economy, and his family via Twitter @reply messages. The interview was a unique experiment in many respects: answers had to be brief and thousands of people would be watching in real-time.

The experiment is in the books, but as more and more people look to Twitter for information, expect more Twinterviews and other great experiments utilizing the constraints of the status update.