Students Develop E-Quickie Electric Vehicle that Doesn’t Need to be Charged

Students Develop E-Quickie Electric Vehicle that Doesn't Need to be Charged 1

E-Quickie Electric Vehicle, built by Fourteen students from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, doesn’t need charging. It is powered by energy sucked straight from the ground, using electric induction.

All the individual components of the car including its steering, breaks and chassis are designed by the students from high-tech materials. Apart from these, e-Quickie’s shell that plays a central role in the vehicle’s weight and aerodynamics is made from the carbon fiber to ensure the optimal mobility. The total weight of the car is 60kg, which, as per the project director, can be reduced to 40kg. The car is powered by a 2kw motor but achieves a top speed of 50 km/h. The batteries serve as a buffer, therefore they are much smaller than by electric cars, from which they draw energy exclusively.

via Automotto