PlayStation Move:The Motion-Sensing Game Controller

PlayStation Move:The Motion-Sensing Game Controller 1

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What Is The PlayStation Move?

It’s a motion-sensing game controller platform for the PlayStation 3. It consists of a wand-shaped controller the player holds in his or her hand topped with a plastic orb that emits light in various colors.

How Does It Work?

The PlayStation Move works in conjunction with the PlayStations Eye camera to track the movement of the controller in the player’s hand. The orb at the tip of the controller emits light that can easily be tracked via the camera, while the orb’s particular shape and size help facilitate distance calculations. In layman’s terms, the PlayStation Eye can determine how far away the orb is by gauging its relative size.

The Move also contains a pair of inertial sensors that allow the controller to sense motion and rotation.

When Does It Launch?

The PlayStation Move will be released in North America on September 19, 2010. It launches in Europe and most Asian markets on September 19, and the Japanese release is scheduled for October 21.

How Much Does The PlayStation Move Cost?

The cost of the PlayStation Move depends on what equipment you already possess. International pricing may vary.

If you do not own a PlayStation 3, then you’ll want to pick up the PlayStation 3 Sports Champions Move Bundle, which includes a PlayStation 3 console, a PlayStation Move controller, the PlayStation Eye camera, and a copy of the Move game Sports Champions. Retail price is $399.99.

If you already own a PlayStation 3 but nothing else, you’ll need the PlayStation Move Bundle. Retailing for $99.99, it includes the PlayStation Move controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, and a copy of Sports Champions.

If you already own a PlayStation Eye, which was sold on its own as well as being packaged with the PlayStation 3 game Eye of Judgment, then all you will need is a PlayStation Move controller, which will run you $49.99.

It bears noting that many Move games will require the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller, a wireless handheld device featuring several buttons and an analog thumb stick that costs $29.99.