How to Upgrade to the Latest iPhone for Free

When posting the ad, don’t make it too long. Many Craigslisters won’t read it even if it’s only a few sentences. Include the important information first: the model of the iPhone, how much storage it has, its body color, that it’s in great condition, and that you’re selling it because you want to upgrade (as opposed to the buyer’s imagined scenario: “there’s something wrong with it so they want a new one and they’re going to try to screw me over”). You can cover this information in 2-3 sentences. Be sure to say thanks and leave your first name. If you’re comfortable providing a phone number, go ahead. If not, you should still be prepared to handle most communication over the phone if you find a buyer that you like.

You will have options, so don’t be in a rush to sell. When you have a product like this, you’re in a good position to pick your buyer. You want to try and pick someone you think you’ll get along with. It’ll be a better experience for both of you, plus they’re more likely to buy from you if they like you. Even buyers you’re going to like will most likely email you with questions you’ve already answered in the listing. Even if you find this frustrating, don’t let that slip into your reply. Often buyers did read the listing but want to hear directly from you to them that your iPhone’s in good condition.

The most important thing is that you’re honest about the condition of the phone. If there is any cosmetic damage that you know of, no matter how minor, tell them. You do not have to include it in the listing but tell them if they ask. Minor cosmetic damage can be hard to describe or even photograph, and it’s best to just say that. Let them know that you want to show them. This makes you honest and encourages them to come see the iPhone in person. When you’re communicating over the phone or via email, the buyer has to use his or her imagination to decide what the damage looks like. You can be sure that what they imagine is the worst-case scenario. If they come to look at the phone, it will undoubtedly look better in person than it did in their head. That is, of course, if you’ve been honest with them.

When the actual sale takes place, it’s always prudent to count the money. Don’t worry about offending the buyer because they should be expecting you to do this. They’d do this themselves if they were in your shoes. There are nice ways to ask, too. Saying “do you mind if I count it?” allows them to give you permission—which they always will—so there’s no real tension in that moment. Once you’ve made the exchange, you’re all set. You’ve just paid for your iPhone upgrade and maybe even made a little money in the process.

via Lifehacker