How to Upgrade to the Latest iPhone for Free

How to Upgrade to the Latest iPhone for Free 1

Buying a new iPhone will cost you around $200-$300, upgrading is a much better option(cost less). If you want to upgrade but don’t have the cash, here’s how to sell your old iPhone to cover the cost of the new one.

Why It Works?

There’s no magic trick here. This is a guide to selling your iPhone to cover the cost of a newer model.

The main reason you’re able to earn your money back from the sale of a year-old iPhone is because you’re selling it without a contract. Buying a new iPhone without a contract would cost upwards of $500, so it’s easy to sell your used device for the price you initially paid given that the buyer gets that added bonus. Easy as long as you’ve taken proper steps ahead of time, that is.

The short version: keep it in good shape and sell it at the right time. Beyond that, there are a lot of things you have to do to make sure your iPhone retains its value for the year you’ll have it. In this little guide we’ll take a look at the entire process, from when to buy your iPhone to the final sale.

When to Buy?

If you were buying a used iPhone from a stranger, wouldn’t you want some sort of guarantee that it’s not going to break the next day? Because you’re just a person selling your phone online, you can’t really offer a proper warranty, and if you sell a year after you bought the phone, your iPhone warranty will have expired. You could buy AppleCare for your iPhone for $99, but that’s a little excessive for something you’re never going to use. You want to be able to offer some sort of warranty, though, and the best way to do that is sell your iPhone a little bit before the warranty runs out.

If you already own an iPhone and you bought the new one immediately, you’re probably going to have to sell your iPhone out of warranty and take a little bit of a hit. If you’re getting your first iPhone or you’re planning to upgrade, the trick is to buy the upgrade about a month after it’s released. This way, when the newer iPhone comes out the following year, you can wait about three weeks before you try to sell it. This will leave about a week left on your warranty. It’s not much, but it gives your buyer two things: peace of mind that if it breaks the next day they can get it fixed for free, but more importantly the ability to purchase an extended warranty themselves. That added peace of mind goes a long way and doesn’t cost you a thing.