F1 2010 by Codemasters is Coming !

F1 2010 by Codemasters is Coming ! 1
F1 2010 developed by Codemasters is going to be released this September

The wait is over and the new official Formula One game, developed by Codemasters is going to be released on 24th September 2010. The game has been developed for PC, PS3 & Xbox 360 and features lot of new realistic effects and car physics. It has been a long time since the last official F1 simulator came out (F1 Challenge 99-02 by EA Sports). Codemasters has earlier developed games like Dirt, GRID, Race Pro, Colin McRae Rally & Toca Race Driver.

A balance has been maintained between the real life car physics and simulation. The game has a ‘career mode’ in which a player gains experience as he plays and improves his skills to make his way up to the grid. This makes the game present a real life situation of a driver working his way up in motorsport career. Apart from racing on the track, there are other activities like walking in the paddock, attending press conferences, facing questions from the journalists in conference room, interacting with other drivers. This gives game an arcade look too apart from normal racing simulations. Other playing modes include GRAND PRIX, Championship & Time Trial.

F1 2010 developed by Codemasters is going to be released this September

Dynamic Weather System

The game also features a dynamic weather system which allows for further reality of a grand prix race to be inducted into the game. The effects of the wet race are perhaps the most interesting ones with the track holding water as if it were a real race and the spray is similar to what a f1 race sees in wet conditions (See the video  ‘Autosport takes an in-depth look at Codemaster’s F1 2010’ at the end for wet weather effects)

Active Track Technology & Damage

Active Track Technology changes the grip levels after a certain distance to simulate the track conditions in a more realistic fashion. The track offers more grip during the race as it gets ‘rubbered up’. Also if you go off the road, your tires pick up dirt that affects the handling. In case of a crash, the damage is more realistic one with debris flying and wings broken. Rash driving over the bumps damages suspension which will have a clear influence on your handling. All this has been incorporated in the game to provide you with a more realistic driving challenge as the real F1 drivers see it.

Another snapshot from F12010 (Courtesy F1fanatic.co.uk)

AI Drivers

The best feature is the AI driver skill. In previous F1 games, this was the weakest aspect of the game with AI drivers offering no resistance to your overtaking maneuvers or not being aggressive in overtaking. F1 2010 has worked out this issue and AI drivers will defend much like an experienced player defending against you in multiplayer mode.

No Safety Car & Formation Lap

Few things , which were in much demand by the fans haven’t been included – The safety car and the formation lap as the developers think they have a little influence on the playing experience and aren’t worth including.


Marcaplayer (A Spanish magazine) has given the game a 9.3/10 rating

OXM (a UK magazine) gave it 8/10

Other reviews have rated the game high as well with two reviewers giving it 9.2/10 and two giving in 9/10


To be Announced