Best 5 Tablets Revealed So Far

Best 5 Tablets Revealed So Far 1

We have seen many announcements of tablets in recent weeks, as the Research & Development labs of the world work day & night to compete with Apple’s game-changing iPad. But are any of them up to the job?

Last week alone saw ViewSonic, Toshiba and Samsung all officially unveil new models of keyboard-less computer, with a mish-mash of operating systems and screen sizes hoping to somehow build themselves a market in the wake of Apple’s market-leading device.

So here’s a list of five of the best tablets out there and on the way this year. Or, to put it another way, the iPad +4.

1.Samsung Galaxy Tab

This is the Android Tablet that has got closest to Apple so far, at least in terms of hype and noise prior to its launch. Officially unveiled at IFA this week, the Samsung Galaxy Tab features a 7″ screen and the latest 2.2 version of Android at its core.

The internals are the same as those of the Samsung Galaxy S, offering the Cortex A8 processor that won so many fans when in mobile phone format. The hardware feature set closely adheres to Apple’s template, but also offering a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera for video chat—despite the fact that not many Android apps currently support the feature. Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy Tab has one big advantage over tablets—access to the Android Market.

Much more pocketable than the iPad with only a 7″ screen, it’s the best Android currently has when looking for a proper iPad competitor.

Quick Specs:

Screen: 7-inch Super TFT-LCD, 1024×600
Storage: 16GB internal, up to 32GB micro SD
Processor: Cortex A8 1.0GHz
OS: Android 2.2