Windows Phone 7 is going to be arrived in the market in very soon. Mobile Phone users are madly waiting for the WP7 arrival in the market and they want to be the first one to get hold of Windows Phone 7 device.

Windows Phone7 Browser Comparison with iOS & Android Phones

Well, generally not every user has yet get the hands on WP7 device but some of them are managed to get hold of WP7 device and performed comparison of internet browser of WP7 device  with iOS (Apple iPhone)  and Android device (Nexus One) .

Windows Phone 7 device browser seems to be smoother in features like panning, scrolling and zooming as compare to other Operating System devices with different internet browsers like safari, opera.  WP7 device load several sites faster then the iPhone and Nexus One mobile devices and vice versa, according to the video comparison between iOS and Android devices. Before coming to any final judgment, one has to keep this point in notice that Windows Phone 7 (WP7) is the beta product with contrast to other two stable Operating systems.