Top 10 Battlefield Helicopters

Top 10 Battlefield Helicopters 1

For many years, battlefield helicopters have been providing military with capabilities when and where it matters most.  The importance of the role they play on current operations is difficult to overstate and in the complex future defence environment, they will remain platforms and capability deliverers of choice.The range of tasks performed by helicopters, ranging from air assault, direct fire, tactical mobility, reconnaissance and intelligence collection, to heavy lift and supply replenishment, is unmatched by any other platform type.

Any suggestions and changes are really welcome. Here comes the list of Top10 Battlefield Helicopters in the world.

10.Bell 47

The Bell 47 is a two-bladed, single engine, light helicopter manufactured by Bell Helicopter. Based on the third Model 30 prototype, Bell’s first helicopter designed by Arthur M. Young, the Bell 47 became the first helicopter certified for civilian use on 8 March 1946. More than 5,600 Bell 47 aircraft were produced, including aircraft produced under license by Agusta in Italy, Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan, and Westland Aircraft in the United Kingdom. The Bell 47J Ranger is modifed version with a fully enclosed cabin and fuselage.

In 1947, the United States Army Air Forces (later United States Air Force) ordered the improved Bell Model 47A. Most were designated YR-13 and three winterized versions were designated YR-13A. The United States Army first ordered Bell 47s in 1948 under the designation H-13.


  • Crew: 1 / 2
  • Passengers: 1
  • Propulsion: 1 Piston Engine
  • Engine Model: Lycoming VO-435-B1A
  • Engine Power: 198 kW 266 shp
  • Speed: 196 km/h
  • Service Ceiling: 3.200 m or 10.500 ft
  • Range: 411 km or 222 NM
  • Empty Weight: 786 kg 1.733 lbs
  • Takeoff Weight(max): 1.293 kg 2.850 lbs
  • Rotor Blades (main/tail): 2/2 2/2
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 11,32 m 37,1 ft
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 1,87 m 6,1 ft
  • Rotor Disc Area: 100,6 m² 1083 ft²
  • Length (Fuselage): 9,63 m 31,6 ft
  • Length: 13,30 m 43,6 ft
  • Height: 2,84 m 9,3 ft
  • First Flight: 08/12/1945
  • Production Status: Out of production
  • Production Range: 1946-1974
  • Total Production: ca. 5600
  • ICAO Code: B47G, B47J
  • FAA TCDS: 2H1, 2H3, H-1
  • Data for (Version): Bell 47G-5A