Asus Eee PC 1215N Notebook Review

Asus Eee PC 1215N Notebook Review 1

Since the start of the Intel Atom era, we’ve been waiting for a Dual-core version of that otherwise impressive power-saving CPU. Standard single-core Atom Netbooks are fine for basic tasks, but even when just Web surfing or typing they can be bogged down by bouts of seemingly random sluggishness. The Asus Eee PC 1215N aims to address this shortcoming by being the first premium Netbook/ultraportable to cross our desks with the dual-core D525 version of the Atom.

For only $499, the Eee PC 1215N includes most of what we’d want from a current ultraportable, including a high-res 12-inch display, Nvidia Ion graphics (with Nvidia’s Optimus graphics switching), and, most importantly, a dual-core CPU.

This is a big step up from typical $300-$400 Netbooks, but at the same time, similar systems with AMD’s Neo CPU more closely approximate the feel of a full-power mainstream laptop. The Eee PC 1215N does do very well at basic gaming and HD video playback. Combined with the larger 12-inch screen, that makes for a potentially very useful travel system with serious multimedia chops.


  • Processor 1.8GHz Intel Atom D525
  • Memory 2GB, 800MHz DDR2
  • Hard drive 250GB 5,400rpm
  • Chipset MCP79
  • Graphics Intel GMA 3150 / Nvidia Ion
  • Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Dimensions (WD) 11.7 x 8.0 inches
  • Height 0.9-1.4 inches
  • Screen size (diagonal) 12.1 inches
  • System weight / Weight with AC adapter 3.3/3.9 pounds
  • Category Ultraportable


  • $499