This Might Be Your First Look At iPhone 6 [Photos]

iPhone 6 prototype

Concepts of Apple iPhone 6 have been spreading on the internet for the past few weeks like some sort of virus. Unsurprisingly, each release of the iPhone has followed that trend considering the amount of interest invested by potential users. However, anticipation of any Apple device merely in shape of concept art isn’t sufficient, and doesn’t necessarily amount to reality. … Read More

Temple Run 2 Now Available For iOS, Android Release Next Week [Download Link]

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The sequel to one of most popoular games on mobile platform, Temple Run, has been released. Temple Run 2 is now available for download on iOS, while Android version is expected to come out sometime next week. The new version features.. Beautiful new graphics Gorgeous new organic environments New obstacles More powerups More achievements Special powers for each character Bigger … Read More

Apple Unveils iPad Mini – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

ipad mini, apple ipad mini, mini ipad

It’s been rumored for so long with so many guesses on when it would finally be revealed, or if it even existed at all, but now all that doubt and uncertainty is over. Phil Schiller has taken the cover off of the first-generation iPad Mini; so, it’s time to take a look what rumors turned true and see what surprises … Read More

iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Sell Out 20 Times Faster Than 4 & 4S


It’s needless to say that Apple’s smartphones are pretty popular among consumers; they are willing to camp outside of the stores a week before the release just to be one of the first of the public to hold the latest historic in their hands, and those with no time to camp attempt to pre-order for delivery on the release day. … Read More

A Look At The iPhone 5 Compared To iPhone 3GS / 4 [PHOTOS]


The reveal of the next-generation Apple smartphone is supposedly just two weeks away, with conformation from the California tech company yet, but the leaks are flying from every corner of the world. It has been said that it will have a 4-inch screen, a different backing, NFC, and might even slim down a bit, but it one thing to hear … Read More

How To Pay Less For Your Mobile Phone Contract

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According to the Virgin Mobile Phones, the average British consumer spends £439 a year on a mobile phone contract. However, it is believed that some customers could be overpaying by up to £200 a year in handsets and services they do not really need. What are the best ways of paying less for a mobile phone contract? 1. Know what … Read More

What’s The Best Thing About Samsung Galaxy SIII?

Samsung galaxy s iii, Samsung galaxy s 3, galaxy s 3, galaxy s iii

Galaxy SIII has been positioned by Samsung as the best Android smartphone on the market, and the major competitor to the Apple iPhone 4S. It combines impressive hardware with unique software and services such as a 50GB drop box. Software features S-Voice which is the equivalent to Apple’s Siri in the iPhone, though not as amusing. The first thing that … Read More

Looks Like The iPhone And Galaxy S III Have Run Away Together [VIDEO]

iSung concept, iSung front view, isung concept smartphone,iphone galaxy s iii,iphone galaxy s iii concept, iphone galaxy s iii concept smartphone

We’ve all seen some crazy celebrity marriages but nothing like this recently discovered smartphone concept called the iSung Galaxy 5. This Frankenstein of a phone design has mixed together rumors of the upcoming iPhone 5 and the features of Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III. It touts the shape of a slighty enlarged and redesigned iPhone 4/4S with … Read More

Top 5 Summer Cases For Your iPhone 4/4S

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If you own an iPhone then I must say you have a classy taste for decent designs but choosing a case for that cool looking phone is far more difficult because a badly chosen case would ruin its beauty completely in summer. But don’t you worry about that because we have compiled an exclusive list of iPhone cases that would … Read More