Wrike Project Management and Collaboration App for Global Organisations


Wrike is a platform built to strengthen businesses and corporations around the world by facilitating collaboration and more efficient work management. The project management software has been translated into 10 languages, and offers a free app for both iOS and Android devices. It has been purchased by more than 8,00 organisations in over 120 countries around the world. Wrike is … Read More

This iPad Mini Case Adds Physical Keys To Your iPad Whenever You Need Them


Devices that Apple dishes out are constantly changing the way we use computers. Ofcourse, it doesn’t take away the desire to be able to use physical keyboards as we have been used to doing back in the day. The startup, Tactus seems to have taken note of that to bring us the Phorm. Phorm brings tactile experience to the software … Read More

How Apple Earns $325,000 A Minute [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apple Money

With multiple popular devices dished out each year, Apple is bound to be a success story. Ofcourse, success follows with handsome amounts of money. Boy oh boy, it has got more than you might have imagined. $325,000 it is, to be exact. That simply goes to indicate the sort of revenues the company enjoys. Apple’s financial results in the fiscal … Read More

Top Printing Accessories For Your iPhone / iPad

iPhone Printing Accessories, iphone printing, printing through iphone

Ever since users started being snap-happy on their megapixel camera phones, it was only a matter of time before smart phones had the capability to print pictures. Here’s a run-down of our top three printing accessories for the iPhone/iPad: Photo Printers To satisfy your need for physical pictures NOW, VuPoint have created the Photo Cube which prints glossy 6 x 4” … Read More

Size Comparison Of Upcoming iPad 5 With iPad 4, iPad Mini and iPhone 5

ipad 5, Size Comparison Of Upcoming iPad 5 With iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, ipad 5, ipad mini, iphone 5, ipad 4, ipad 5 concept

Rumors have been twirling about the launching of yet another iPad device patented by the Cupertino-based tech magnate, Apple Inc. The latest iPad 5, which is thought to debut any time this year, is once again buzzing around the web, following recent appearances of images depicting potential designs of Apple’s newest tablet. Its size is currently being compared with the … Read More

This Stunning iPad Concept Features An All-Transparent Body


Concepts of feature iPads are a dime a dozen. Sometimes, however, once comes across our desks that catches our eye. This one, designed by Ricardo Afonso, is an iPad that is completely transparent. Could this be the future of the iPad or is it just a designer’s dream? The concept shows a blank, clear slate with iPad icons on the glass surface. It … Read More

Apple Announces Availability Of 128GB 4th Gen iPad Starting At $799

128 GB iPad

Rumors were afloat yesterday that Apple was planning on releasing an iPad with 128GB of storage. With abnormal quickness that rumor has been confirmed. Apple has announced that starting February 5th customers will be able to buy a 128GB 4th gen iPad for $799 for the WiFI version or $929 for the WiFi + LTE version. Apple has been rumored for years … Read More

Top 10 iPad Apps of 2012


It’s been a big year for iOS, as we’ve seen various apps become viral, succeed greatly, and then be forgotten about after a couple weeks when the next latest craze is discovered. The apps that tend to stay popular and keep the users interest throughout the year are the ones that Apple chose to honor with the title of best … Read More

From Tablet To Tabletop Game – Turn Your iPad Into iFoosball


Foosball is a common indoor pastime in university residence halls and household rec rooms everywhere. It is a great game to bring people together when rain floods the soccer field and feel the urge to kick a tiny ball back and forth. Unfortunately, these tables are very large and take more room than a lot of consumers are willing to … Read More