Top 10 Most Evil Women

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Top 10 Most Evil Women 1

Usually when we remember truly evil individuals we think about someone like Hitler, a man. However, there are some truly evil women throughout history that would make you shudder. Here are the top 10…

10. Queen Mary I

bloody mary, Queen Mary I

Born: 1516

Died: 1558

The only child of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, Queen Mary I is best known as “Bloody Mary” because of her violent attempt to return England to Catholicism. Mary came into power after the death of Edward VI and the removal of Lady Jane Grey from the throne. Nearly 800 Protestants fled England until after her death to avoid execution.

9. Myra Hindley

Myra Hindley

Born: 1942

Died: 2002

Myra and her partner Ian Brady were responsible for the brutal kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder of 3 children and two teenagers in the Manchester area of Britain during the mid 1960’s. Indisputable evidence was found, including a tape of one of the victims, linked both monsters to the murders. During the trial Myra adopted an attitude of arrogance and indifference that she is still known for today.

8. Isabella of Castile

isabella, Isabella of Castile

Born: 1451

Died: 1504

Isabella is well known for funding Christopher Columbus’s exploration and the unification of Spain under her grandson. However, to achieve all of this she is also well known for initiating the terrifying Inquisition. During the inquisition Jews and Muslims were forced to leave or convert to Catholicism and persecuted afterwards.

7. Beverly Allitt

Beverly Allitt

Born: 1968

The infamous British “Angel of Death,” Beverly Gail Allit was a pediatric nurse who used insulin or potassium injections to bring on cardiac arrest or smothered 9 children, 4 resulted in death and 5 in serious injury. These weren’t her only victims though – in less than two months Allit attacked 13 children before being caught.

6. Belle Gunness

Belle Gunness

Born: 1859

Died: 1931

Killing for money is not a new motive, but Belle Gunness is one of America’s most legendary female serial killers that made a living from that motive. A 6 foot, 200 lb woman, Belle was responsible for more than 20 deaths of her husbands, suitors, boyfriends, and all of her children in the name of greed.

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  1. What about Princess Olga of Kiev?

    Princess Olga was the wife of Igor of Kiev, who was killed by the Drevlians. Upon her husband’s death, their son, Svyatoslav, was three years old, making Olga the official ruler of Kievan Rus until he reached adulthood. The Drevlians wanted Olga to marry their Prince Mal, making him the ruler of Kievan Rus, but Olga was determined to remain in power and preserve it for her son.

    The Drevlians sent twenty of their best men to persuade Olga to marry their Prince Mal and give up her rule of Kievan Rus. She had themburied alive. Then she sent word to Prince Mal that she accepted the proposal, but required their most distinguished men to accompany her on the journey in order for her people to accept the offer of marriage. The Drevlians sent their best men who governed their land. Upon their arrival, she offered them a warm welcome and an invitation to clean up after their long journey in a bathhouse. After they entered, she locked the doors and set fire to the building, burning them alive.

    With the best and wisest men out of the way, she planned to destroy the remaining Drevlians. She invited them to a funeral feast so she could mourn over her husband’s grave, where her servants waited on them. After the Drevlians were drunk, Olga’s soldiers killed over 5,000 of them. She returned to Kiev and prepared an army to attack the survivors. The Drevlians begged for mercy and offered to pay for their freedom with honey and furs. She asked for three pigeons and three sparrows from each house, since she did not want to burden the villagers any further after the siege. They were happy to comply with such a reasonable request.

    Now Olga gave to each soldier in her army a pigeon or a sparrow, and ordered them to attach by thread to each pigeon and sparrow a piece of sulfur bound with small pieces of cloth. When night fell, Olga bade her soldiers release the pigeons and the sparrows. So the birds flew to their nests, the pigeons to the cotes, and the sparrows under the eaves. The dove-cotes, the coops, the porches, and the haymows were set on fire. There was not a house that was not consumed, and it was impossible to extinguish the flames, because all the houses caught on fire at once. The people fled from the city, and Olga ordered her soldiers to catch them. Thus she took the city and burned it, and captured the elders of the city. Some of the other captives she killed, while some she gave to others as slaves to her followers. The remnant she left to pay tribute.

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