The Blackberry 10 Smartphone [Leaked Pictures]


Blackberry 10 is not only one of the biggest mobile OS updates to look forward to in the new year but Research In Motion’s (RIM) last hope for competing with the smartphone super-giants like Apple and Google. It is long overdue and may already be too late. But RIM is still moving forward after releasing two developer devices and a demo video to preview what the next generation in Blackberry phones will look like. Now a series of photos and a video has been leaked to show the final product of what the world might see in January 2013.

BB10 1 The Blackberry 10 Smartphone [Leaked Pictures]

First and foremost, it looks like the Canadian company is finally catching on to the 21st century design styles that was become so common among our current smartphones. The thin, beveled sides around the large touchscreen and the sleek, black body to hold it all made not be the peak of innovation but it shows the company is starting the pay attention. Touchscreens have been a weak point for Blackberry ever since the introduction of the iPhone over 6 years ago, and unfortunately, RIM staked their money on their tiny QWERTY keyboards.

BB10 The Blackberry 10 Smartphone [Leaked Pictures]
BB10 2 The Blackberry 10 Smartphone [Leaked Pictures]

Along the sides of the leaked device, one can see the usual volume rocker and micro-USB port for charging and syncing, but next to the charging port is a micro-HMDI port for connecting to a high-resolution external display. This is a fairly unique addition but goes in tandem with the rumor of a streaming video service to be bundled with the phone.

Under the removable back cover there are places for a microSD card, microSIM, and an 1,800mAh battery. The microSD slot almost confirms the likelihood of expandable storage, however there is no information on how much the phone will come with internally. Hopefully, the battery coupled with this new OS will be able to power the phone for a respectable amount of time, or it will certainly be ‘dead on arrival’ as many analysts claim.

Overall, this new hardware and software is a long-shot for the once leading maker of business smartphones but it is easy to admire the drive to survive in such an intense environment as consumer electronics.



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  2. Paul Gee says:

    I smell a lawsuit coming..

  3. JP Garmay says:

    a mixture of Nokia Lumia+iPhone+Samsung Galaxy s2

  4. […] for the size and the lack of a physical homebutton on the front, the device looks a lot like the iPhone 5 – with sharp design, nice corners and good build […]

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