DIY iPhone 5 – Steel Edition


What makes up an iPhone 5? You just take some aluminum, plastic, and glass, then mold it together until you see the fine piece of smartphone design that we see today. But one Chinese fanboy took it upon himself to make his own iPhone 5 out of just one chunk of steel.

steel iPhone 2 DIY iPhone 5   Steel Edition

It may look like a rough piece of hardware, mostly because it is, but it is a very close replica for one man’s first try. Even though it does not actually work like a real iPhone but it probably makes a great conversation starter and paperweight. It makes an incredible work of art since it started as steel plate that measured in at 140mm long by 60mm wide and had a thickness of 6mm, although a real iPhone 5 is 7.6-mm thin.

steel iPhone 1 DIY iPhone 5   Steel Edition

After all the scraping, polishing, and finishing touches, this unique do-it-yourself project is completed to what you see in the first picture. It is simply amazing to see what people can do when they have a bit of free time on their hands.

So do you think you could do the same and make your favorite smartphone out of steel? How does this DIY creation look to you?


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  1. Adrian Sprucer says:

    google would send him a nexus for free ;)

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