This Board Game Will Teach You HTML5


Have you always wanted to learn the mystical ways of building a web page but those online tutorials are just too tedious? Or are you already a web master and need something fun to with other rulers of the Internet? Well, a French pair created a board game to solve this conundrum and are now crowd funding it to get it to the masses.

HTML5 boardgame 1 This Board Game Will Teach You HTML5

This new and unique game is called cHTMeLe, and it should soon be ready to ship thanks to Ulele, a European version of Kickstarter. It is said to be so easy to learn, you won’t need any prior coding experience to play. Even children could join in on the fun and get an early jump on the web developer bandwagon. Until it is available for actual purchase, you can print out everything you’ll need to play this game from their Ulele page; although, you will need to put the instructions through Google translate they are all in French for the time being.

HTML5 boardgame 2 This Board Game Will Teach You HTML5

Are you going to print out this festive take on HTML 5 for the next game night, or do you think it’s just another ludicrous attempt to get more people to learn about the world wide web?


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