The iPhone 5 Could Cost You $1,800 A Year [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The iPhone 5 Could Cost You $1,800 A Year [INFOGRAPHIC]

Data analysis group, Avalaunch Media, created a neat infographic using findings from a variety of online resources to show how owning an iPhone 5 can add up to you spending a little over $1800 and waste over 300 hours a year.

The greatest cost is obviously the data/voice plan you choose, which can be at least $1440 on its own, and the graphic compares the three major U.S. carriers supporting LTE and their various plans for customers.

Many of these costs may be little things you don’t think about, or wouldn’t consider, like a case, car charger, stereo dock, and the Lightning adapters, which price at about $30. Then there is the costs of what you buy in the various stores, i.e. iTunes, Bookstore, and App Store, and a good proportion of iPhone owners buy over $20 a year on apps alone.

Have you always taken these costs into consideration when buying any smartphone, or is this an eye-opening experience for you? Check out the infographic and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 Comments on “The iPhone 5 Could Cost You $1,800 A Year [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. I could almost think this was true, except the contract is for TWO years, not one, and the other items are one-off purchases, therefore should be averaged out over the period of ownership.
    The REAL cost per year (assuming you get rid of the phone as soon as your two-year contract is up) is HALF the amount shown, just over $900 PER YEAR. The longer you keep the phone, the less it will cost you per year.
    Shame on Avalaunch for such poor proofreading, and shame on everyone (including you Nick) for blindly reposting it.

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