MacBook Air/Pro Inspired Designs From PC Makers

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MacBook Air/Pro Inspired Designs From PC Makers 1

We saw it with the iPhone, then with the iPad, and now it’s come down to the MacBook Air. Ultrabooks have become all the rage in the PC world with the lack of a need for an optical drive and better chip sets coming form Intel, allowing for extremely thin and powerful computers. Now it seems that PC makers have taken a liking to the MacBook Air’s design and have been “inspired” by it for their latest line of Ultrabooks at IFA 2012.


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The MacBook Air has been around for about 4 years, so why now for the sudden appearance of the PC clone troopers? Some could say with Windows 8 just around the corner, it’s time to change the look of the typical laptop and what looks better than Apple’s world-renowned designs. The sleek silver unibody and black chiclet has become a popular pattern around the variety of ultrabooks being demonstrated at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany.

Who knows what kind of legal action Apple could take against this very familiar look spreading around, especially so recently after the big win against Samsung? Only time will tell since a lot of these prototypes have yet to really reach the consumer, but, once Windows 8 is officially released, it could be a matter of time before they flood the market. Do you think this is blatant copy-catting, or is this just a unique design trend the OEMs have stumbled across? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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4 Comments on “MacBook Air/Pro Inspired Designs From PC Makers”

  1. So what if a few of the non-apple laptops look like apples… The majority still look unique. Laptop companies were striving for thinner computers long before the MacBook air came out and while apple made the thinnest first at the time, thinner computers are now available that aren’t made by apple. It was always inevitable that thin machines would be in demand as with all technology, the world strives for smaller, thinner, faster, with higher capacities of space. Tiny 10 inch netbooks were avilable without disk drives long before the macbook air. Apple weren’t the first to create the tablet either, windows has this to its name, and the full-touch cellphone apple did not invent. Apples does however have excellent advertising and this is what has created people to think that they were innovative and “the first”. Steve Jobs himself is quoted as saying “we are not shameless in stealing ideas”. One of the most well known characteristics of the macbook machines is their “island style” or “chiclet” keyboard, this was not an apple design but was copied from Sony that had been using the style for years, I don’t see Sony suing everyone that has copied, including apple. People aren’t copying apple, apple is copying everyone else and making it look like they are the ones being copied. The fact that all they could sue an android company for was the shape of their icons clearly shows this. If they were so innovative as to be the ones to create the first ultrabook, or full touch cellphone or tablet, then they would have the ability to sue for those things, but they weren’t and therefore are only able to sue for the small things that they are suing for.

  2. the person below me is talking about how the majority still look unique…..everyone is trying to copy apple…ya thinner computers were inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they all have to look like the mbp or air, if they were unique then they wouldn’t be silver/aluminum with black chiclet keyboards, at least make the colors different if u dont wanna be called a copy cat. And ya apple didnt create the tablet or full touch cell phone but they were the first to make it simple and elegant, they didnt’t “create” people to think they were the first…they WERE the first to do it well and everyone else IS copying them. If you think people are not copying apple and apple is copying everyone else, then be pissed that apple has just taken an idea and made it better then it originally was. just like the bitches who “invented Facebook” then got pissed when zuckerburg took the idea and added to it, making it better then it was then they had the balls to say he took their idea…yea he took their idea, then made it 100 times better then it was and turned it into an actual product (website). Just because Sony had a chiclet keyboard before them doesnt mean shit, it means they failed at making something innovative and Apple succeeded. “‘ Steve Jobs himself is quoted as saying we are not shameless in stealing ideas'” if u would have read his biography, they took the idea from xerox for their display, but xerox didnt have the talent to make it what apple did…ya apple stole the idea, but they made it what every other company couldn’t, then people bitch about it, if they werent doing something right, then no one would care about them. Obv they are the best in the world or no one would give a flying fuck.

  3. The guy below me also says they werent the first to make tiny ten inch netbooks without disc drives…no shit, they are not sueing for netbooks, in fact they havent even made a ten inch, (ten inch was the biggest size netbook also, apple wasnt even trying to make a netbook, why even bring it up?) their 13 and 11 inch airs are 1000 times better then any netbook that was ever created before them. And you think apples excellent advertising “created” people to think their products were innovative and the “first”…’re right, they do have excellent advertising…to go along with their excellent products, you can’t tell me everyone “thinks” their better just cuz their advertising is good…imo sony has had access to good advertising but since their products havent been the best, they havent sold as well…you cant say people buy apple because the advertising is good without the products being good. You obviously havent owned an apple product and have no idea how much better they actually are.

  4. Now apple became the innovator and all other companies are copying .. this is real stupidity.. and apple should stop further legal actions to avoid the repulsive consumers reaction.. the exact same date apple won over samsung i bought the galaxy SIII and im hundred times happier using it than the apples 4gs i phone …

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