Logitech Introduces New Washable Keyboard


It’s that split-second as you see and just accept there’s no stopping it, your drink has tipped over and spilled all over your desktop’s keyboard. Now it’s time to go out and buy a new one, or you could head on over to Logitech’s website to buy their new Washable Keyboard K310 and make sure this never happens again.

washableKeyboard4 Logitech Introduces New Washable Keyboard

As the picture above proves, you could actually dip this keyboard in a sink full of water (11 inches to be exact) and still come out typing away the next worldwide best-seller, or an article about this great new keyboard. Logitech has design this technical wonder to be the last keyboard you will ever need to worry about.

washableKeyboard Logitech Introduces New Washable Keyboard

One of the tag lines for the product is “more than tough enough”, and by using laser printing for the keys with a UV coating for safe measure, the entire keyboard should be able to resist those occasional dents and scratches from an intense LAN party or WOW raid.

washableKeyboard3 Logitech Introduces New Washable Keyboard

It also comes with a brush for easy cleaning and a 3-year hardware warranty to back their claim of having such a long-lasting keyboard. SO if you’re not one of the most user-friendly of hardware users and still insist on keeping a drink right next to your keyboard, this may want to be your next investment. Let us know in the comments if you will picking this awesome keyboard anytime soon.


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